Oödtimer auf Schloss Sommersdorf


Vintage Cars in Schloss Sommersdorf

Baron von Crailsheim is fascinated by vintage cars. His collection consists out of 9 cars from 1904 to 1986, from 1 cylinder with 8,5 HP to 6 cylinders with 200 HP’s. Every year several meetings for vintage cars take place at Schloss Sommersdorf.
The collection might be seen on request. Picnic and wedding excursions are possible.
Oldtimertreffen vor Schloss Sommersdorf
Oldtimersammlung vor Schloss Sommersdorf


Prewar Cars

Cadillac (built in 1904)

This Cadillac is real automotive history. Built in 1904 with admission to take part to the famous London/Brighton-Run, where only automobiles until 1904 are admitted.

This Cadillac is equipped with a 1-cylinder engine with 8.5 hp. It climbs every mountain high but slowly. The speed limit is around 40 km.

Ford T Model Town Car (Construction Year 1909)

This Ford T town car, built in May 1909 is a rare reminiscent of the coach time. It is one of the earliest T models with the engine number of 3018 out of 15 million. It has an open valve engine and a Kingston 5-ball Carburetor.

Ford Model T (Construction Year 1913)

This Ford Model T, built in 1913, affectionately known as Tin Lizzy comes from Australia. Radiator, and all lamps are made out of brass. With 20 HP and a 4-cylinder engine it runs up to 70 km/h.

Durant Rugby (Construction Year 1926)

This Durant Rugby built in 1926 with 6-cylinder-engine with 40 horsepower also comes from “down under” Australia. A previous owner (1972-2002) restored it with lots of love. In 2013 he came all the way from Australia to see where his former sweetie had landed.

Ford Model A (Construction Year 1929)

This Ford Model A, built in 1929, with a 3 l, 4-cylinder engine has 40 hp. Now there are brakes on all wheels. You can almost drive it like a modern car. As a closed Coupé, this Ford is good for all-weather.


Post War Cars

Mercedes 170 A Cabriolet (Construction Year 1954)

This elegant 170 A cabriolet received a more powerful (85 HP) and smooth-running 220 6-cylinder engine.

Mercedes 190 SL (Construction Year 1961)

This Mercedes 190 SL, imported from Hawaii is the smaller brother of the legendary Mercedes 300 SL. The engine was recently overhauled.

Mercedes 280 SE (Construction Year 1974)

This reliable and comfortable car took us in 2012 10.000 miles on the Silk Road from Hamburg to Shanghai.

Renault Alpine (Construction Year 1982)

This Renault Alpine A 310, has a 3-liter V6 engine with 200 hp. The body is glass-fiber. This sporty car accelerates like a rocket, the roaring exhaust pipe is an exciting pleasure.