Historische Abbildung der Kinderzeche von Oskar Schäffer (1864)


Tradefair or Concert?

Schloss Sommersdorf is the ideal starting point for cultural events and many other activities in the region. Schloss Sommersdorf is also well situated as a location for professional stays, for example for participation in an exhibition at the Nuremberg trade fair. A variety of cultural and other events can be found in the region, such as

Bachwoche Ansbach

The Ansbach Bach Week, which takes place every two years at the end of July / beginning of August and attracts Bach enthusiasts to Ansbach. Top-class performers and stylish concert locations are convincing.

BAchwoche Ansbach Windsbacher Knabenchor in St. Gumbertus, Ansbach

Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl

The “Kinderzeche in Dinkelsbühl” takes place every year on the weekends around the third Monday in July. The festival, which has been staged since 1897, reenacts a local legend according to which children from Dinkelsbühl are said to have saved the town from the Swedes during the Thirty Years’; War. It is connected with the siege of the town in 1632.

The Meistertrunk

The Meistertrunk in Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a historical play from the time of the 30-year war and has been performed by citizens of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in the Kaisersaal of the town hall at Whitsun since 1881. Since 2016, “The Master Drink”; has been part of the “intangible cultural heritage”; of the UNESCO on a national level.


The exhibitions at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre are varied, BIOFACH, VIVANESS or FREIZEIT, TOURISTIK, GARTEN NÜRNBERG. For exhibitors and trade fair visitors, Schloss Sommersdorf offers a beautiful setting to stay overnight – and what’s more, you can get there quickly by car via the A6 motorway or by S-Bahn from Ansbach station.